This is our tropical obstacle course, which includes a slide!


BounceNAround monitors the weather closely and may have to cancel due to high winds or rain. We will let you know as soon as possible so we can reschedule. If our units have been set up and the weather conditions worsen, you will be charged.

Please make sure that there are clear paths to the set up area.

Make sure to clear the area of any rocks, sharp objects and any other items which may harm the unit. Grass and cement are good surfaces for our units, preferably grass, we will not set up on rock or sand, etc.

An outlet within 100 feet of the unit is required. If that’s unavailable we will use a generator. We supply our own cords. If there are no outlets, we can supply you with a generator for a $35 rental fee.

All inflatables must be secured with sandbags or metal stakes. Winds exceeding 20 miles per hour, the unit is unsafe. Every blower must be turned off, and everyone must exit the unit.

All payments will be due at the time of delivery. We accept cash, check and credit/debit card.

On most cases, we will arrive at least an hour early to ensure that we get our units set up on time. Someone over the age of 18 will be needed at the time of delivery to sign our waivers and go over the safety rules.

Supervision by an adult is required at all times. The adult must read and understand the rules and contract.

Please keep the units away from open flame and heat at all times. The material can burn or melt if it comes in close contact with flame or heat.

Children who experience medical conditions such as neck, back, joint, or heart problems, should not use the units. Other concerns may be children with asthma or bronchitis.

Please keep children away from the blower, it is very dangerous. Inserting fingers, toes, etc. will cause injury. If blowers shut down the unit will deflate, which could be very dangerous with children inside.

If wind exceeds 20 miles per hour, please turn off the blowers immediately.

In case of rain, please advise everyone to exit the unit, because, the surface could become very slippery and could cause injury. When the surface has been wiped dry, everyone may return to the unit.

Please remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything which could puncture the unit before entering.

Please no climbing on the walls, netting, or roof of the unit. No rough play is allowed. This could damage the unit and could be dangerous for children.

The following items ARE NOT allowed on or in the unit: Food, Drinks, Gum, Confetti, Trash, and Silly String.

Silly string will cause damage to the unit and the renter will be fully responsible for full replacement value of the unit. A cleaning fee will be assessed for any additional cleaning.

Please no water in or near the unit. Keep the unit away from sand.

We must be informed of any sprinkler lines, we are not responsible for any irrigation line damage.

Please keep children of the same age level together on the unit. Mixing smaller children with bigger children could lead to serious injury.